Searches of Juventus Club Office

Recently, a series of searches were carried out in the buildings of the world-famous Juventus club located in the Italian cities of Turin and Milan. The Italian police have sought to find all possible documents about the transfers carried out by the company over the past two years. This was recently announced by the Italian prosecutor and said that the Italian financial police may carry out several more searches in the offices of the club.
Juventus is one of the most successful clubs in Italy. He owns over 35 championship titles. It is also worth mentioning that this club is one of the few whose shares can be bought on the stock exchange. One of the biggest shareholders of this football club is Exor.
Attorney Turin’s attention was drawn to whether the football club’s managers were giving false information to their investors. Also, the police are interested in whether the managers of this company published accounts that were supposed to be fake because they testified to non-existent financial transactions.
Police said their attention is focused on documents for the transfer of professional players to other clubs, as well as services related to this. They also became interested in a payment transaction to agents who were transferring players from one club to another.
The Juventus Club said that criminal proceedings had been opened against them.

Source: ESPN